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TS1101-X Torque Limiter
(Hydraulic Power Take-off)

TS1101-x lifting torque limiter is a safety protection device for monitoring lifting equipment. With a high-performance single-chip microcomputer as the control core, it can collect, process, and monitor complex system data. The TS120X series of special displays for construction machinery can be selected. Suitable for cranes, crawler telescopic booms, all-round off-road cranes and other lifting equipment.


Adopt high-performance 16-bit processor, main frequency 80OMHZ, program storage space 512K, data storage space 64K.

Communication Interface
One isolated CAN bus interface, optional CANopen or SAEJ1939 protocol, or a mixture of two protocols, one isolated RS232/RS485 interface, the baud rate is up to 115200, and supports automatic baud rate mode. Three bus interfaces can be connected to TS120x series displays.

Input Interface
8-channel switch input interface, photoelectric isolation.
8-channel analog input interface, optional current or voltage input.
6-way touch button interface to realize human-computer interaction.

Output Interface
8 relay output interfaces, drive current 0.5A / 24VDC.

Data Storage
512KB EEPROM memory. 128M FLASH memory.

Temperature sensor, perpetual calendar, black box, virtual wall and other auxiliary functions.

Installation Size & System Diagram
Suitable For:
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